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The Selling Process

Selling a home requires a high level of preparation, patience, and industry knowledge. That’s why you should look to our professional team here at Parker Property. From the day your home goes on the market to the final closing, we are here to support you. Our agents help make this process as seamless as possible!


For 30 years, we have helped hundreds of Eastside & Chelan residents sell their homes. While everyone’s selling journey looks different, one thing never changes – our commitment to you.  

Here is an overview of what you expect when you sell a home with us: 

Step 1


Finding trustworthy representation is the first step in the selling process. Your real estate agent should be someone who understands the current national market as well as your local market. They should be experts in negotiations, transaction forms, and finance options and know how to use technology to market your home effectively. Most importantly, they should listen to your personal needs and represent your best interests.

Step 2


Deciding your home’s listing price is of the utmost importance. We determine your home’s market value by looking at the price of nearby homes, the listing price of other home’s on the market, and your property’s location and condition. We provide you with a comparable market analysis and walk you through what your home is worth and why.

Step 3

Prep Work

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling a home. So before you officially put up that for sale sign, you’ll want to put in some elbow grease! Making sure your home is in its best condition before officially listing will make the entire process go much quicker! Small changes, such as fresh paint, new carpet, and flowers, can make a big impact on buyers.

Step 4

Marketing Your Home

To find the right type of buyer for your home, you need to develop a marketing plan! Typical marketing strategies include open houses, print advertising, and online postings. At Parker Property, we can effectively market your home so it sells as soon as possible.

Step 5

Home Showings

Showings are the most important part of the selling process. This is when buyers can tour your home and envision themselves living in it. As a seller, it's important to maintain a high level of cleanliness, as your home can be shown at any time! We also recommend vacating your space when people are touring so they feel comfortable.

Step 6

Purchase & Sale Agreement

Once you accept the buyer's offer, you will enter a contract known as a purchase and sale agreement. By signing this document you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Step 7


Once you reach mutual acceptance, it is time for a home inspection. An inspector will check a list of items such as your home’s roof, basement, heating system, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, water heater, and more. If the inspector discovers any necessary repairs, the buyer will try to negotiate with you to cover the costs.

Step 8


As a seller, you will need proper counsel to negotiate certain aspects of the real estate transaction. Whether it be sales prices, cost of repairs, or financing, we will advocate on your behalf to ensure your needs are met.

Step 9


Once you accept the buyer's offer, you will decide on an official closing date. But before closing, you will enter into a period of escrow. This is when outside parties enter the deal to ensure each aspect of the transaction is completed. At Parker Property, we monitor the escrow process and submit any necessary documents on your behalf.

Step 10


You made it to closing! This is the last step in the selling process. Both parties will receive a settlement statement outlining the fees they must pay. We also record all your documents at this time. Congrats, your home is now sold!

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